Student Spotlight

Niki Bates

"I began my internship at the Missoula Downtown Association in June and have truly enjoyed every second. I have learned so much about the importance of community events and have worked diligently with the staff to make sure there is always something exciting happening downtown.

One of my favorite parts was supervising the Out To Lunch concert seriesin Caras Park. Bands from all over came to perform at this free event and I was thrilled to be a part of it every Wednesday afternoon.

Being the Art Show Director for the 10th Annual River City Roots Festival was one of the highlights of my summer and allowed me to apply all of the knowledge I've gained from the UMEM, Missoula Independent and now, the MDA to an exciting portion of the landmark festival.

I strongly encourage my fellow UMEM friends to pursue internships in Missoula because they are filled with relevant hands-on experience and most importantly, are exciting and fun!"

Niki Bates in front of Missoula Downtown Association

Jobs and Internships

Entertainment Management is committed to providing real-world learning opportunities to our students. Please email for more information.  To find out how an internship can qualify for academic credit, please contact College of Business Internship Director Kathleen Tarkalson at or 406-243-6771 and see the Internship Program website.

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Internships can be found in local companies and multi-national corporations. Here are some select employers who are hiring UMEM students:companies hiring UMEM students

UMEM Office

Entertainment Program Instructional Center

The UMEM office is located on the lower level of the Gallagher Business Building in GBB L02. The office is a resource for our students and our instructors and a base of operations for UMEM.

Computer workstations inside the office offer access to entertainment industry websites such as Venues Today, and Celebrity Access. This computer access is available to students in the program who have purchased their course pack from The Bookstore.

Come by and check it out!  It's a great place to study, work on group projects and meet other students.