Jerry Molen

Film Producer

Gerald R. Molen is a high profile American film producer. Prior to his retirement, he had worked very closely with Steven Spielberg, having produced five of his films, and won an Academy Award for producing Schindlers List.

Realizing that retirement didn't quite satisfy his creative needs, he prefers to think of himself as semi-retired and still keeps his hand in producing films. He makes his home in Bigfork and works from his office there.

Molen was born in Great Falls, Montana and grew up in North Hollywood, California. His parents owned and operated a diner, which was located across the street from one of the major studios. Molen got his start in the movie business driving trucks, changing tires and servicing equipment.

Molen has appeared in small roles in several of the films he produced, including, Rain Man, Days of Thunder and Jurassic Park.