Cory Miller

General Manager
Missoula Maulers

My business career began in Missoula, MT in 1999 with the founding of Garden City Janitorial Services, Inc., a full service building maintenance contracting company. While attending college at The University of Montana I was able to complement my studies with real world experience in the field. I spent my mornings in class, my afternoons visiting with customers, my evenings running a vacuum and my dreaming time thinking about owning a NHL hockey team.

I decided to explore the entertainment management program that was offered through the College of Business and explore the entertainment industry. I was completely blow away at the quality, and level of experience that our guest professors brought to the program. I sat back in class and realized that I could do anything that they had. Upon graduation I decided it was time to do something and chose to start a hockey team. That dream eventually became the Missoula Maulers Junior A Hockey Team. The things I learned in my two semesters studying the entertainment industry proved invaluable to starting the Missoula Maulers project and positioning it for the success we have enjoyed thus far in our program. Scott and all of the guest lecturers do a great job at getting you prepared to get into the "real world." of the entertainment business.

In March of 2009 I founded BoiSafe Solutions, Inc. to process Medical Waste in Montana and North Idaho. I currently live in Missoula, MT and spend my free time playing golf and building an airplane.

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