Lucas Mann

Sparkart LLC

With an early focus, Lucas Mann has always been driven to the entertainment industry. Recognizing the potential of the technology sector, Mann has built his career around the relationship between music and emerging technologies. Mann’s career started in the industry-leading New Media group at Capitol Records. Mann’s relationship with the founders of lead to time touring with Alanis Morrissette and Tori Amos, tour managing for corporate sponsors, Best Buy and Responsibilities included interfacing daily with artists, managers, sponsors, and tour personnel. Time on the road lead to Island Def Jam in New York, assisting in the creation of a business development section for the New Media where Mann helped in monetizing the division, developing artist goals and interfacing daily with some of the largest hip-hop and rock acts on the planet, including Bon Jovi, Ja Rule and Jay-Z.

Mann was offered an opportunity to work with California Senator Barbara Boxers’ staff on issues surrounding digital rights management and artist rights. Working from Washington, Mann worked with the Senator and staff daily from Capitol Hill in a consulting capacity. Mann returned to Capitol Records as a consultant under his own company, working in the online space to market various releases, including Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney and Radiohead.  When Five-Point One Co-Founder and President of Development and New Technologies left the company to start a management company, Mann was asked to partner with him. There, they developed a next generation management company, centered on artist development.

In addition to managing Platinum act Dishwalla and several members of the Black Eyed Peas camp, the company was retained to consult with several artists in the areas of touring and live performance. Interested in the development of new business opportunities, Mann took a post at Warner Bros. Records, working within the New Media division on special projects, successfully creating new brands and revenue streams within the Warner banner, as well as acting as a project manager for some of the biggest rock acts in the world. When need arose within Warner to look for additional revenue streams, Mann lead the team into the development of new technologies that now manage Warner’s Street division. As a member of the senior management team of the Street Marketing division, Mann’s team oversaw the logistics of an 80,000 member marketing team with members in every state. Mann was charged with both the creative direction as well as the development of business opportunities, successfully seeking and developing relationships within the corporate world.

Mann is currently President of Sparkart LLC and Clique Inc., a leading New Media company in the entertainment space based in Emeryville, CA. Top clients include Universal Music Group, Warner Bros. Records, The Firm and Heineken.