Todd Krieger

Senior Vice President

Todd Krieger has been doing pioneering work at the crossroads of media and technology for over the last 15 years. From his earliest days working as a creative at Organic Online to his time as an executive in the Yahoo! Media Group Todd has continually sought new ways to both develop and monetize content regardless of the platform on which it is distributed or consumed.

In a newly-created role at Denuo, Todd is responsible for the oversight and expansion of the agency’s West Coast operation, with a focus on growing the company’s content practice. In this role Todd seeks to demystify the changing landscape of content creation and distribution for a wide variety of clients, ensuring greater monetization for content owners and more efficient delivery of messages for marketers.

Prior to joining Denuo, Krieger had been executive producer at Yahoo! Media Group where he developed and launched multiple entertainment properties, as well as overseeing the creation of innovative multi-platform programs for clients such as Intel and Fox. Before Yahoo!, Todd was the senior manager of business development at Microsoft TV, where he was responsible for a variety of interactive content running on the Microsoft TV platform, and worked with partners such as ABC, CBS, Comedy Central and HBO.

In addition to his work at Microsoft and Yahoo!, Krieger has written on technology and media for the New York Times, Wired, and MIT Tech Review, penned a book and developed two pilots for television.