Brad and Kristina Kayden

Chief Executive Bean
Jelly Bean Sports, Inc.

Coach and Mrs. Pickles (Brad & Kristina Kayden) from Chicago-based Jelly Bean Sports, a sports edutainment and production company, instructed the MGMT 101 class during their study of entrepreneurship. After setting up a small sampling of their jelly bean-themed decor, they showering the class with individually wrapped jellybean candies. The Pickles went on to share insights and experiences about business and how it starts with an idea that entrepreneurs, with great persistence, build into their livelihood. Coach and Mrs. Pickles discussed the gap in the tot-sport market that exists and how, as entrepreneurs, they effectively collaborate as a husband and wife team to fill that gap. At one point, Coach Pickles shared a piece of the Sports Made Simple, Learning Made Fun formula he had created to teach one courageous young lady from the class how a young child learns to shoot a basketball. The best part of the class might have been Professor Douglas dressing up to teach in the outrageous Coach Pickle costume with black rapper glasses.

Jelly Bean Sports