Marlene Hendrickson

University of Montana
Advisor to UM Productions

Marlene has been an Advisor to UM Productions since 2001, although she has been closely associated with them since 1991, doing double duty as the ASUM Accountant. A native of Butte, Montana, Marlene has an Associate Degree in Accounting and a BS in Organizational Communications. Marlene spent 15 years in New York where she was an Accounting Manager for a venture capital firm, a private tennis and yacht club and a radio station. Later she spent 3 years in Los Angeles working for a CPA firm specializing in business management services for entertainers. Marlene was personally responsible for Robert Wagner, Jack Lemmon, Richard Crenna, Richard Thomas and Alan & Marilyn Bergman's personal and professional finances. However, she has found working with students to be most rewarding and fun!

As the Advisor to UM Productions her focus is on student development and training in the area of live performance presentation, but feels the lessons learned will prepare students for employment in any field. A great deal of time is spent working on budgeting, research, negotiating, contracts, problem solving, group dynamics, leadership, meeting etiquette and critical thinking.