Lee Hayes

Lee Hayes, a graduate of the Entertainment Management Program went on to teach in China using entertainment as a medium of English education. Experienced in charitable gaming and non-profit fundraising he took the entertainment education model learned at the U of M to China. His Chinese students produced the first ever independently student managed entertainment event in China. Using entertainment and leading edge information dissemination skills taught by the entertainment instructors in the U of M Entertainment Management Program his students reached out to over 40,000,000 people in China. During the second year his students produced and managed a festival and music event with the only foreign band allowed in China after the government stopped all foreign entertainment events prior to the 2008 Olympic games. The indoor event was shown live around the world uncensored on the Internet. His students used mobile phone technology and produced film shorts for the Internet and combined them into a film to reach out and communicate their ideas and lifestyle in an effort to educate the world on the emerging future of China.