Tyler Bryant

Tyler Bryant was born to play music. At age 7 he picked up the guitar and never put it down. Under the guidance of local Texas blues legend Roosevelt Twitty, Tyler quickly commanded the instrument and began playing with a natural ability and depth of feeling that many guitarists fail to attain over a lifetime.

Tyler is a phenomenon - an extraordinary virtuoso electric guitarist, a singer, songwriter, a compelling stage presence, a burgeoning musical alchemist freely intermingling rock, blues, soul/funk and pop.

Tyler Bryant's destiny has unfolded fast and in ways most people only dream about.

Tyler won the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation's New Generation Award, recognizing him as one of the most promising guitarists on the music scene. He performed at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago, recorded a song, "Bittersweet," with legendary Led Zeppelin producer Kevin Shirley, and was signed by Creative Artists Agency on the spot after one performance.

"It's hard to believe what is going on," Tyler says. "But then again, music has been the one thing I have always cared about." Now living in Nashville, Tyler Bryant is immersed in the very music that he is so passionate about, and is actively writing songs, and playing shows. 

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