Noah Brier Co-founder of Percolate

Noah Brier is the Co-founder of Percolate. He is the founder of many other start-ups, he co-founded a now-global coffee morning called likemind, where people in 50+ cities around the world meet up and have coffee once a month.  He built a brand research tool called Brand Tags, that asks visitors to type in the first thought that pops into their head when they see a logo and then builds a tag cloud out of the responses, making those words that are mentioned more often, larger.  He was head of planning and strategy at The Barbarian Group. Prior to that, he worked as a strategist at Naked Communications, the world’s leading provider of creative solutions to communications problems. He was creative lead at Renegade Marketing and before that wrote about the impact of cultural, media and demographic trends on the marketing field at American Demographics Magazine.