Scott Douglas Entertainment Management Opportunity Fund

This fund was set up to support the University of Montana Entertainment Management Program. The goal of private support for UMEM is to advance the cause of providing a rigorous and relevant education so students are able to pursue meaningful careers in the entertainment industry. This vision was developed over the last 15 years by the Founding Director of the program, Dr. Scott Douglas. 

Dr. Scott Douglas is one of the founders of the Entertainment Management Program.  It started as a vision by a very accomplished group of University of Montana Alumni who became successful in the entertainment industry.  The vision was to create​ a course in which the students at the University of Montana could learn the business of entertainment by professionals working in the field. Scott was excited to take the experiences of entertainment agents, accountants, artists, managers, promoters, publicists and CEO’s and bring them to life in the classroom to teach students the business of entertainment

Today the program is highly respected by those in the entertainment industry and is lauded as “the place to be” by Pollstar Magazine. Visiting instructors from the highest echelons of the entertainment industry come to UM to teach, organize and plan classes and help students network and find internships and jobs.

In 2010, Scott suffered a stroke that left him with right-sided weakness and aphasia.  Aphasia is a disorder that is caused by damage to parts of the brain that control language, but it does not affect intelligence. Throughout Scott's many years of working with students, he has been known as a mentor, an accomplished writer and a dynamic and motivational classroom speaker.

Scott created an impressive program that has been thriving over the last 15 years. He remains an inspiration to us all.

Scott Douglas

Ron Baird Education Fund

Ron Baird's dedication to his craft, the industry he loved, and the program in which he taught sparked the establishment of a fund in Ron’s memory at the University of Montana Foundation. The fund will directly benefit students in the Entertainment Management program at UM's School of Business Administration by supporting scholarships, internships, and local, regional and national events.

Ron Baird