Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Certificate Program

Made: montana academy of distinguished entrepreneurs

This certificate program is designed for students who are interested in launching their own business venture or working in a small to medium sized business upon graduation.

Certificate Requirements

Requirement #1

Students must complete all requirements for at least one of the School of Business Administration's majors: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Management Information Systems.

Requirement #2

Students must complete the following two required courses:

  • BGMT 448 Entrepreneurship
  • BGMT 458 Advanced Entrepreneurship Seminar

Requirement #3

Students must complete a 498 internship course offered by any of the School of Business Administration's major areas.

  • This internship must be with an entrepreneurial venture.
  • All internships for this certificate program must be approved by Dr. Klaus Uhlenbruck. Professor Uhlenbruck is located in GBB 326.

Requirement #4

Students must complete 6 credits from outside their major area of study from the following courses:

  • BFIN 301 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BMIS 478 E-Commerce
  • BMGT 420 Leadership & Motivation
  • BMKT 337 Consumer Behavior
  • BMKT 342 Marketing Research
  • BMKT 343 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • BMKT 460 Marketing of High-Tech Products & Innovations