MIS Internships

UM Rural Institute Intern Devon GeertsenIn order for students to be more competitive in the job market, the MIS department requires all future MIS graduates to have undergone a MIS/IT internship. These internships must be approved by Dr. Clayton Looney, Department Chair. The internships must be directly related to Management Information Systems and allow students to gain hands on experience in the MIS world. After approval from Dr. Clayton Looney, students must see Kathleen Tarkalson, Internship Director, regarding completion requirements.

Please contact the MIS Department Chair, Dr. Clayton Looney, for more information regarding MIS internship requirements.

Clayton Looney

Office: GBB 307

Phone: 243-5895

Email: clayton.looney@business.umt.edu

Please contact the COB Internship Director, Kathleen Tarkalson, for more information regarding internships in general.

Kathleen Tarkalson
(406) 243-6771

In addition to part-time jobs off campus that are computer-related, you should also watch for opportunities for MIS students available through the university. Visit UM Career Services for more information.

The Power of Experience

Hiring organizations prefer candidates with experience such as internships or related part-time jobs. To employers, a student with related experience is someone who has proven they know how to apply what they have learned in school. Students with experience know how to work and produce results as well as how to work with others and manage their time. Students who have acquired practical experience prior to graduation are more likely to land great jobs. They also have begun developing their professional network contacts, many of whom may know of several great job opportunities at any given time.