Exit Strategy

Employer Information BoothsDo not wait until your senior year to begin thinking about the next phase of your life. Make sure you graduate with concrete plans and an active job search completed or in progress. Our most successful students begin planning for their entry into the world of work early in their college careers.

The College of Business's Career Development Program also offers programs to help prepare you for this process. Events such as Employer Resume Critique sessions, Employer Mock Interview sessions, Networking Events, and Etiquette Workshops are presented throughout the year.

Contact Internship Services (406-243-2815) during your sophomore and junior years to begin searching for and competing effectively for an internship. Contact Career Services (406-243-2022) no later than your junior year to begin your job search planning and activities. Career Services offers workshops and individual appointments on resume and cover letter preparation, how to interview and job search, as well as planning a job search. They also host annual career fairs and employer led-workshops.


All MIS students should prepare a portfolio of their MIS work. One of the major advantages of preparing a personal portfolio of your work is that you can use the material to prepare a web page showcasing your work for your job search. The on-line portfolio can be used to demonstrate to prospective employers that you have acquired the skills necessary for employment and that you are ready to hit the ground running. Portfolios should include:

  • Writing samples
  • Video clips of your presentations
  • Examples of the “deliverables” from each of your MIS courses
  • Completed projects, including your senior project
  • Examples of anonymous peer evaluations from team members
  • Reflective essays, examining your learning from selected projects or assignments and summarizing how your collection of business and general electives prepares you for an MIS career
  • Résumé and an example cover letter

In the MIS Advising Brochure, you will find more information concerning employment in MIS after you graduate, including salaries, job satisfaction, and different job titles you can hold with degree in Management Information Systems.