Distance Learning in the MBA Program

Distance learning has come a long way since Universities first initiated correspondence courses. At the University of Montana, we have perfected distance education by working to improve a model that had its beginnings in 1988. Today, we employ the latest technology to deliver our courses primarily as two-way, digital video-conferences linking several major classroom sites across Montana.

This distributed learning network is comprised of nearly identical classrooms across the State. Each classroom can accommodate between 15 and 30 students.

Most of the professional program courses are delivered through compressed digital video over a public/private telecommunications network across the state. Classes are regularly scheduled Monday-Thursday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Students can interact during class with the instructor and with students attending night classes in other communities in a user-friendly, live video environment.

The curriculum is the exact same as the on-campus MBA option; please visit our other links to find out more about the MBA program as a whole.