Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses

Completion of the foundation courses is a prerequisite prior to beginning the required MBA core classes. The foundations may be taken through the competition of the ten undergraduate level courses or students often prefer to complete the foundations through the five online graduate level courses. At both levels, the courses are designed to be completed in a year and half of classes, starting either fall or spring semester.

Undergraduate level foundation Courses

(syllabi can be found on the Mansfield Library website)

Course Name Credits
BGEN 361 Business Law 3
BMGT 340 MGMT & Org Behavior 3
STAT 216 Statistics 4
BMKT 325 Marketing Principles 3
ACTG 201 Financial ACTG 3
ACTG 202 Managerial ACTG 3
BMIS 270 Managerial Information Systems 3
BMGT 322 Operations MGMT 3
ECNS 201 Microeconomics 3
BFIN 322 Business Finance 3

 Graduate Level Foundations

Course Name Term  Credits  
BMGT 540            Management & the Legal System            Fall 3 Syllabus
BMKT 560 Marketing & Applied Business Statistics Fall 3 Syllabus
ACTG 509 Financial Reporting & Control; Spring 3 Syllabus
BMIS 541 Systems & Operations; Spring 3 Syllabus
BFIN 522 Principles of Financial Analysis Summer 3 Syllabus