Graduate Programs Elective Courses

Thirteen (13) credits of electives are required for completion of the MBA Program. Electives are offered each semester, topics are directed toward the ever-changing demands of today's business community.

MBA 645- Interpersonal Perspective Elective Courses

Consumer Marketing & Brand Management- Syllabi

Business Writing Skills- Syllabi

Human Resource Management- Syllabi

Influential Presentations- Syllabi

Managing Across Cultural and Ethical Borders- Syllabi

Personal Selling and Sales Management- Syllabi

MBA 655- Technical Skill Elective Courses

Business Valuation Techniques- Syllabi

High Tech & Legal Issues- Syllabi

MBA 694- General MBA Elective Courses

Business Dynamics- Syllabi

Business Plan Workshop- Syllabi

Customer Service- Syllabi

Customer Value Management- Syllabi

Entrepreneurship- Syllabi

Financial Investments- Syllabi

Financing New Ventures- Syllabi

Foundations in Data Analytics- Syllabi

Growing & Marketing a Small Business- Syllabi

Leveraging Public Funds for Business- Syllabi

Managerial Decision Making- Syllabi

Negotiations- Syllabi

Practice of General Management- Syllabi

Project Managment- Syllabi

Startup: Real World Introduction- Syllabi

Telling Stories with Big Data- Syllabi