Group of students hiking in Romania

This is a faculty-led, intensive, two-week summer school program on international business in a unique setting: Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Romania.  The program is designed to expose students to the realities of conducting business in an international environment by providing rich and real cross-cultural experiences through a blend of mini internships with local and multinational companies, workshops, field trips, and participation in socio-cultural events.

Course Objectives

By the end of the program students will: (1) understand the challenges of doing business across cultural, economic, geographic and administrative boundaries; (2) assess market-specific considerations that affect the different aspects of business practice; (3) receive in-depth exposure to the Romanian culture and business practices. The course strives to embed students in the fabric of the local community so they can develop an understanding and appreciation of the local business and society realities.eDepending on the class size and students interests, students will have a choice of the type of firms and project topics involved in the mini-internships. These include manufacturing companies (e.g., ContinentalTakata,  Fritzmeier), financial institutions (Carpatica BankBRD Societe Generale), or cultural/non-profit organizations (e.g., ASTRA National Museum Complex)

What Students Have to Say About the Course

"My internship at Marquardt was a unique and fulfilling learning opportunity. The industrial environment to that magnitude is like nothing I have been exposed to and I am very appreciative of the rare occasion I was given."

"The work internship at Takata was fantastic.  I had a very thoughtful and attentive manager who did all she could to help make me feel welcome and make sure I understood what was going on in the finance and controlling office.  I felt like one of the family."

"At Fritzmeier they treated me as one of their own and were extremely hospitable toward me. I have spent much time on the factory floor and was able to accompany my manager on his trips to check on the status of the manufacturing facility. I learned a great deal about the importance of hands-on management."

"The castles and history of the land were surreal, the food and drinks exquisite, and the company was as delightful as the scenery was beautiful.  Our Fagaras mountains day hike was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever had the chance to be a part of."

"I am still on cloud nine over the international experience in Romania! Experience the culture, learn the history and socialize with the locals were my absolute favorites.  We did so much within our limited time frame, I truly feel like not a single moment was wasted."


  • 4 credits (spring class), plus $1800 course fee
  • Open to undergrad and graduate students
  • Deposit required
  • Includes all costs between arriving in Sibiu and departing Sibiu Romania (lodging, all meals, sight-seeing transportation and entertainment). Students pay for their travel to and from Sibiu (airfare and potential ground transportation)

Course name:
BGMT 493 and MBA 694 International Experience:  Romania

June 4-June 24, 2018

4 credits (spring), plus extra course fee $1800 (includes room and board); airfare not included

Information sessions:
See course instructor

Application Deadline:
November 1, 2017

Interested students, contact the course instructor Prof. Simona Stan