Accounting/Information Systems (AIS) Certificate Program

The Accounting Information Systems (AIS) certificate prepares undergraduate students for careers that bridge accounting and management information systems, such as consulting, internal audit, external audit, or other positions in which more than a basic knowledge of either accounting or MIS is necessary. While most appropriate for a student majoring in accounting or MIS, this certificate is available to any undergraduate business major.

Due to pre-requisite requirements and course scheduling, meeting with an AIS advisor early is crucial.

To obtain an AIS certificate, an undergraduate student must:

  • Complete the requirements for one of the undergraduate business majors;
  • Meet with an AIS certificate advisor (Dr. Teresa Beed or Dr. David Firth);
  • Complete the certificate application with the undergraduate graduation application (w/fee); and
  • Complete the following courses, with a GPA of 3.0 or better in these 25 credits (NOTE: Courses listed as co-reqs can be taken with or before the course; courses listed as pre-reqs must be taken before the course):
    • ACTG 203 Accounting Lab (1 cr; may be taken as a sophomore or with ACTG 202)
    • ACTG 305 Corporate Reporting I (3 cr, co-req ACTG 203)
    • ACTG 306 Corporate Reporting II (3 cr, pre-reqs ACTG 203, 305 w/Cs or better)
    • ACTG 321 Accounting Information Systems I (3 cr, co-req ACTG 203)
    • ACTG 411 Auditing I (3 cr, pre-req ACTG 321 and ACTG 306)
    • BMIS 365 Business Applications Development (3 cr)
    • BMIS 370 Managing Information and Data (3 cr, pre-req MIS 371)
    • BMIS 373 Systems Analysis and Design (3 cr)
    • BMIS 479 Introduction to Consulting (3 cr)