Other Policies

No Alcohol Policy

Beta Alpha Psi prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages at any meetings, functions or events that are sponsored, publicized or otherwise endorsed by Beta Alpha Psi. This applies to the following:

  • Chapter meetings, regional meetings, annual meetings, leadership programs and all other meetings or programs of Beta Alpha Psi.
  • All alcoholic products where provided by the chapter, by a speaker or external organization or whether available at a charge to members and/or guests.

Violation of this policy will result in sanctions as deemed appropriate by the Beta Alpha Psi Executive Board of Directors.

No Solicitation Policy

It is the policy of the board not to permit chapter activities to be used as a conduit for the sale of products or services to students or the primary promotion of a single employer. Persons should not be asked to participate in a chapter activity if their participation is primarily promotional in nature. Any presentation of an examination review program by a representative of a provider of review services is considered promotional in nature. However, a presentation regarding the content or preparation for a professional exam is acceptable.