The network infrastructure we provide is superb. All wired connections for computers in classrooms and labs as well as other devices located in the building are routed on a full 1-Gigabit network switching infrastructure. Download speeds during peak daytime use average over 50Mbps, a very remarkable figure for a facility with so many connected devices. Upload speeds average over 21 Mbps as well. Our WiFi coverage throughout the building has been recently upgraded to a “dense” model with many more router points installed on all levels. This new WiFi infrastructure will allow, for example, a classroom situation in which all participants are responding to a polling app via WiFi to an app run from a website or device by the instructor. Our new WiFi improvements also mean that streaming media files from popular sites such as Youtube and Vimeo can be played with much better results.

Recording and Livestreaming

The College of Business provides video recording and livestreaming services to our clients. Video recording is done on consumer-level equipment. While this is not broadcast quality, we can provide you with very good results, especially for streaming on the internet or internal use.

We provide livestreaming with the Mediasite platform. Mediasite is a world leader in lecture capture and streaming for major universities and corporations. What makes Mediasite livestreaming unique is that it transmits multiple video or graphics streams simultaneously.  Mediasite solves the problem of a camera shakily panning between the speaker and her PowerPoint slides by showing both in separate windows. Those watching a Mediasite livestream also have the option to customize their viewing experience by changing the size and locations of those screens right in the browser.

Branding isn’t a problem on Mediasite livestreams and recordings, so you get a customized experience that your viewers will appreciate.

Mediasite also provides powerful data analytics tools to find out who is watching and the duration for a given livestreaming presentation. We can host up to 60 viewers for a livestream with our own infrastructure, and if more participation is anticipated, we can contract with Mediasite for additional bandwidth at additional cost. We have the ability to livestream with our portable Mediasite device from only one classroom at a time or one classroom and our video conferencing room, which seats 32.