Recent Faculty Research

Casey McNellis: Re-Conceptualizing Instruction on the Statement of Cash Flows: The Impact of Different Teaching Methods on Intermediate Accounting Students’ Learning (Feb 2015)

Michael Braun: Don’t Treat Innovation as a Cure-All (Dec 2014)

Justin Angle: Riding Coattails: How Co-branding Helps Versus Hurts Less-known Brands (Dec 2014)

Casey McNellis and Ron Premuroso: Using the Codification to Research a Complex Accounting Issue: The Case of Goodwill Impairment at Jackson Enterprises (Oct 2014)

Jason Triche: Toward an integrated framework for innovation in service: A resource-based view and dynamic capabilities approach (Sept 2014)

Dean's Report

Dean's Report

Read the annual Dean's Report to learn all that is happening at the School of Business Administration.

"Each year, I look forward to working with our team in assembling the annual Dean’s Report. I am always astounded when I review the number and quality of projects, programs and activities that have occurred in the past year. A few of these are highlighted in the 2014-2015 Dean’s Report."

Dean Larry Gianchetta